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That is very hard to believe...

Which part do you find hard to believe? The no lessons part? The composing for movies and games? The world can be a wonderful place? be more specific so I can help you believe.

And if some people do not like what you do but you like what you do, keep doing it! You can't go wrong with your happiness as long as it doesn't hurt anyone :)

Amen Brother.

Holy Moly. You're dominating the classical section.

Niceeee. :)
Your music is superb!

Thanks for that, I really don't want to dominate anything, just want to be a part of the whole Newgrounds community. We are all in this together! Right? :-)

The piano is a wonderful instrument...the music it can create doesn't need to be complicated to be good as long as it comes from the heart, and you create simple, beautiful music. My iTunes library will forever be graced with your talent.

Then I will keep your itunes library full, best I can. Thanks for that my friend.

Yup, We are all in this together. :D

I suggest buying ToneHammer's Emotional Piano. It's $149, but from what I've heard, its stunning to hear, and your music would suit it through and through.

Brilliant work. :D

I will check it out Peter, Your music is fantastic and I will get round to reviewing soon.

The part about you having no lessons and yet you make great songs.... and melodys...

It is 100% true my friend. All self taught and no lessons. Maybe that's why people like my music, I don't know. Thanks for the compliment though.

Those words are just as beautiful as your music.

A beautiful comment.

Marky..... Just wow. You have so many songs, and continue to pump them out at an incredible speed, while not losing quality a single bit. I absolutely love all of your music, and listen to so many a day. Your songs saved me from committing suicide, as they made me think of what I had left in life, and helped me to realize what my purpose was. Keep up every bit of beautiful soundmaking you have.


PS- The only things I don't like are the loops ,but that's only because I hate loops, not your music.

Wow! I am starting to feel responsible for altering peoples lives. I am very happy you didn't commit suicide. The fact that you are alive means you are a one in a million billion. Remember how special you are and never feel alone or insignificant. Feel inspired by your own self and uniqueness. There is only one of you and it's by a sheer miracle you exist. YOU ARE UNIQUE!!! Thankyou for sharing with me and feel free to msg me anytime.

Just stopping by to say hi, Marky! How goes it? I've been listening to a lot of your stuff, always a pleasure! Take care and keep rocking out!

Hi Corbet, Thanks for stopping by. I always take time out to listen to your works too. Amazing quality tunes. Keep em' comin'!

Wow, your selling your great music to help research cancer ...
Thats Amazing, your music is amazing too.

Thankyou, Yes if you buy a CD for anything at all half goes to charity.

Marky you never fail me :D i enjoy every song that you made! once i get a new mp3 i'm getting all your songs . keep up the good work

My pleasure, Glad you like the tunes.

Just want to say thanks again for the music. It really feels like it brings out a lot of my animation, even if it's not necessarily animated that well...

We all improve over time. We all start somewhere. Keep the ideas flowing and the pencil on the paper.

You are a bloody prodigy, Congratulations..is there anyway you can give me one of ur cd ?..i live in mexico