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No Lessons at all

2010-08-01 22:58:28 by MarkySpark

Hello friends, I just want to answer all the emails in one paragraph. I have never had any lessons and what I compose just comes from the heart. Sometimes I don't even know what I am doing :-) You don't need to be a classisist to write good music. If people like what you do then just do it. Playing piano for me is fun and entertaining, I love writing new melodies. To play a piano is fairly easy to me but the hard part is coming up with new and interesting songs that sound like no other persons work.

I came to Newgrounds to help Flash developers with games etc... but now I seem to have started making music for small budget movies and the odd game or two. First time I heard my music on a PSP I couldn't stop talking about it. One thing I want to say to my friends here is.... Never give up your music, Never stop putting it out there, Even if it is for the one persons sake. If you can tell a story without moving your lips and just use your finger tips, the world can be a wonderful place. Peace to everyone....Marky


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2010-08-01 23:36:55

You really are an amazing pianist and it's no surprise that you've found success through your music.